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About Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou
Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou (WASCZ) is the sister school to the esteemed Wycombe Abbey School UK, founded in 1896. We offer a British boarding programme for students as young as 8, and were recognized as the 'Best International School' by the Boarding Schools' Association (BSA) in 2022.

Since 2015, our summer school programmes have enriched the lives of thousands of students. Our emphasis on sports, eloquence, arts, science, and language fosters comprehensive personal growth, guided by experienced educators and engaging learning experiences.

At WASCZ, a central pillar of our mission is to foster cultural exchange between Chinese and international youth. We have hosted hundreds of students from around the world, and this year we launched the 'Engage with China' Scholarship Programme by awarding ten outstanding UK students scholarships for a two year A-level curriculum.

Drawing from a wealth of experience, we are set to provide an unparalleled educational journey with the 2024 WAS Global Perspective in China Summer Camp.
Global Perspective in China

Students will delve into the intricacies of the Chinese language, come to cherish the profound depths of Chinese culture, and witness the rapid modern development of China. As they navigate the confluence of Chinese and Western traditions, they'll forge a broadened global outlook, hone critical thinking abilities, and develop the ability to communicate and interact across cultures.

  • Our curriculum is anchored in the belief that culture forms the bedrock, succeeded by practical skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our experienced teachers customize lessons to suit each student's proficiency level. Students will explore Chinese characters, delve into classical literature, appreciate traditional clothing styles, immerse in the tea culture, and resonate with Chinese rhythm and music, enriching their understanding and language skills.
  • Beyond the classroom, our students have the opportunity to discover a world of exciting sports, from rugby and rowing to netball, tennis, swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and table tennis. Through the spirit of sports, competition, and teamwork, they will collaborate with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

    As the day progresses, a vibrant tapestry of boarding life comes to life. Students will savor authentic Chinese cuisine, immerse themselves in traditional Chinese board games. Navigating the nuances of boarding life, they enhance their self-reliance, discipline, and interpersonal skills, building connections that transcend borders.
  • Our camp embodies the "Education Beyond the Classroom" philosophy. Students embark on academic excursions to cultural landmarks such as museums, Chinese gardens, and historical sites. They explore Chinese history, art, and culture, encountering unique experiences like traditional tea ceremonies and shadow puppetry.

    In addition to cultural exploration, students will tour Changzhou’s green energy facilities, gain unique access to cutting-edge industries, explore China's technological advancements, and engage in discussions with Chinese peers on global topics, fostering a blend of Eastern and Western perspectives.
In the Classroom
Beyond the Classroom
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Sample Daily Schedule

2024 WASCZ Global Perspective in china Camp Timetable (Sample)

    Week1 TUE


    WASCZ Summer School 2023 parents and students

    • Mother of Sophie

      Hong Kong China, Chinese Language and Sports Camp, 2023

      “China's growth has been swift, and by studying Chinese, my child has gained deeper insights into the country's technological progress and other advancements. He's quickly becoming quite the aficionado on China. This knowledge will undoubtedly serve him well in his future endeavors.”

    • Omelio

      United Kingdom, STEAM Camp, 2023

      “My teachers in the camp were super cool and kind. I've made two awesome friends from China, too! We are still seeing each other when we have time. All the experiments we did in the summer were very fun and I learnt a lot.”

    • Rachel

      Mainland China, Rowing Camp, 2023

      “This was my first time trying out rowing, and I was so pumped on the first day in the water! The teachers and coaches here are very patient to teach me from the beginning. Beside rowing we also tried some other sports too and they were all very fun. This has been the best summer ever!”

    WASCZ “Engage with China” Scholars

    • Ruxanda

      United Kingdom, 2023

      “Not only am I forging friendships within the school, but I also connect with locals during our trips to Suzhou and Shanghai. These interactions provide a valuable opportunity to practice and enhance my conversational Mandarin skills. Facing and overcoming language barriers, my proficiency in Chinese improved significantly. This experience is truly unique and enriching for me.”

    • Michael

      United Kingdom, 2023

      “The school made my transition seamless. The exceptional teachers, engaging classes, and vibrant community welcomed me with open arms. Learning isn't just about books; it's a dynamic experience where active learning is happening. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to embrace a new world.”

    • Charlie

      United Kingdom, 2023

      “The pace here is relentless, with activities scheduled almost every hour. Had I stayed at my school in the UK, I might have had more idle time. I genuinely appreciate this structured routine, it keeps me productive, content, and so occupied that I don't have time to feel homesick or dwell on things back home.”

    Campus Facilities
    Our Location

    WASCZ is strategically situated in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, within the dynamic eastern corridor of China. As part of the bustling Shanghai metropolitan area, our location offers unparalleled transportation convenience. In just an hour by high-speed rail, students can explore ancient Nanjing, the culturally rich city of Suzhou, or the sprawling metropolis of Shanghai.

    Changzhou is at the forefront of championing green development in line with national directives. The city passionately drives the evolution of the environmental protection sector, establishing itself as a pivotal production hub for solar energy, wind energy, and electric vehicles. This transformative journey has earned it the moniker "City of New Energy."

    Our locale facilitates engaging academic journeys through Chinese history, gardens, opera, and intricate embroidery. Changzhou itself boasts historical gems such as the Spring and Autumn Yancheng Tourist Area, Qingguo Lane, Xiyingli Ming City Wall, the ancient canal, and the venerable Tianning Temple. These landmarks enrich our educational programmes and excursions by providing a rich historical and cultural context.

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    No.9 Huanhu North Road, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China, 213149

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